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Our family is extremely concerned with the quality and safety of our food as well as our dogs’ food. The other thing included in Thixton’s list that really excites me is the two homemade dog and cat food recipes!
Consumers recently raised the funds to test 12 of the most widely-purchased brands of pet foods sold in the U.S. Consumers pay an estimated $1 billion dollars a year to states in sales tax revenue (for pet food purchases alone).
Pet food consumers have been complaining about the condition of pet food since the 2007 pet food recall, complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Testing of pet food that should have been performed by tax dollar supported regulatory authorities was done by consumers.

I hope this post helped open your eyes to how misleading dog food companies and big box retailers are when they claim their food is wholesome and healthy for our pets. Pet food consumers just like you and I donated funds to The Association for Truth in Pet Food (ATPF) to test pet foods sold in North America. They are only available at independent pet food stores, online pet food stores, or purchased directly from the manufacturer.
I will definitely not be buying any more food or other items from big box pet stores after learning that they don’t sell any healthy of the healthy pet food brands. This test and it’s results are monumental because this is the first and only time a test of this size has been funded and controlled by concerned consumers themselves instead of a regulatory agency that is in charge of governing and selling pet food. That really makes you think about the integrity of the big box stores and makes me wonder why they are only making unsafe dog foods available for us to purchase and none of the healthy options are on the shelves!

What was found in this consumer funded testing were violations of pet food regulations (nutrient imbalances), dangerously high levels of mold (mycotoxins), and very concerning bacterial contamination (bacteria determined by the FDA and CDC to be antibiotic-resistant).
In 2007 Congress told FDA to establish pet food ingredient standards and definitions, processing standards of pet food and provide updated standards for the labeling of pet food.

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