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An active, athletic breed, Boxers need daily work or exercise, as well as a long brisk, daily walk. Golden Boxer puppy—the mom is a purebred Golden Retriever who is a therapy dog, and the dad is a purebred fawn Boxer. There are even cases where the dog does not even have Boxer in it at all, for example some are crossing the Rat Terrier with a Pug and calling it a Mini Boxer. The Boxer's ancestors were two German mastiff type dogs, the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer. Be sure to walk your Boxer beside or behind you, keeping slack on the leash (no tension); never let him pull in front of you. While many breeders have their own version of what goes into the genes of the dog, they all seem to have one goal in mind and that is for the dog to look like a smaller version of the purebred Boxer.
Some Boxers try and keep themselves clean, grooming themselves like a cat, although some cannot resist rolling in another animal’s poop, which calls for a bath.
25% Boxers can be considered as breeding stock as well, as long as they are being used to breed for higher percentages.
A well brought-up and properly socialized Boxer will also get along with his own kind and other household pets such as cats.
Early Boxers were used for dog fighting, bull baiting, cart pulling, as cattle dogs, to round up livestock and to catch and pin wild boar and bison until hunters could arrive. If you have ever watched a Boxer go about his business you may have noticed the way he paws at his toys, food bowl and you for that matter, in a very playful cat-like way.
And what Boxer lover hasn't let out a hearty guffaw as a look Sir Pooch intended to be serious (read: "Yes, yes, yes.

While participating the sport of Schutzhund, Boxers are known to jump up and use their front paws as if they are boxing. The Boxer is known for the way it uses its front legs to bat at its opponent, appearing to be boxing, most likely giving the dog its name.
Some of the Boxer's talents are watchdog, guarding, police work, military work, search and rescue, competitive obedience, Schutzhund and performing tricks. Though its clownlike tendencies prevail throughout life, the Boxer also earns tags as varied as alert, dignified, self-assured, independent, loyal, spirited, playful, deliberate and curious.Perhaps the Boxer's most notable characteristic, though, is its desire for human affection. Go into the kitchen to cook dinner, and your Boxer is on your heels waiting for goodies that might fall on the floor. When told to settle down after a raucous play session, Bavilacqua's Boxers let out loud sighs just as though they were disappointed children.Children at HeartMake that children who never truly grow up.
In the Boxer, breed enthusiasts have discovered perhaps the closest thing to a wellspring of youth, or at least the spirit of youth. Tennis balls, chew toys and stuffed animals in the house are replaced by chewed-up soccer balls, Frisbees and ropes in the yard, where a crew of Boxers can stay entertained for several hours by romping, tossing and tugging."A Boxer is a busy dog," Bavilacqua says, warning that it takes time and thought to channel that energy. They're willing to be alone for several hours, but afterward you have to be willing to devote some time to them."The big, active Boxer may enjoy little more than a romp in the great outdoors, but don't mistake it for an outdoor animal.
If you're not willing to make a place for them in the house, don't get a Boxer."Boxers tend to thrive in active family environments and are known for their affection for children.
Although adult Boxers are typically gentle around kids, breeders usually warn new Boxer owners that puppies can't always be trusted to show good sense around toddlers. Dashing and wiggling its way throughout the house, an exuberant Boxer may frighten or even injure a small child by knocking it over accidentally, Bavilacqua warns.A Sensitive SideMost well-socialized adult Boxers are astute, respecting a child's small size and cuing in to its owners moods.

They are really keyed into your emotions, and they want to please really badly."Ironically, to read the Boxer's history, one might expect a ferocious beast to have emerged. With possible links to ancient Tibetan fighting dogs and Assyrian warring Molossians, the Boxer may also be distantly related to the French Dogue de Bordeaux and almost certainly has connections to the German Bullenbeissers, or bull baiters.
The only ancestral ties known with any certainty was the formation of the Boxer Klub in Munich, Germany, in 1895. Outbreeding is suspected to have occurred with English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, English White Terriers, English Black and Tan Terriers and Great Danes.From its early days as a fighting dog and bull baiter, through careful breeding the Boxer has evolved into today's much-loved companion. Perhaps it is this varied background that explains how a Boxer can change gears seemingly without effort.
Not a big barker, the Boxer's guarding tendencies emerge as a stranger approaches or when it senses a threat to its property or family. Always alert, a Boxer can switch from playful companion to watchful guardian with the twitch of its expressive wrinkled brow.
We then get the disposable dog."For those who invest the time in training and early socialization, there is no other dog breed like the Boxer in terms of companionship and nonstop entertainment and none with such a sense of humor about its own antics.

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