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Boarding and training is the fastest and most intensive training program we offer.  It also takes the whole job of training your dog off your hands and lets your dog learn full time at our canine training center. Instead of locking your dog up or letting him run crazy all day, our board and train program is structured to offer the best of both worlds. We strive to provide a safe, clean and securest environment possible while boarding your dog overnight at our training facility. In the consultation I will temperament test your dog, go over simple things you can do to improve house manners, and establish a training plan.

We treat each dog personally, giving your dog its own space with toys and bedding where it can rest between lessons and play time.
We understand our clients can be busy and we are here to step in and train your dog when you can’t. We are active members of the American Boarding Kennel Association which provides us the valuable information and programs to help maintain the highest standards within the pet care industry. This program is especially beneficial for dogs with behavior problems because we make the improvement very fast and work with you throughout the series to make sure the progress sticks when your dog gets home.

We are Miami’s favorite indoor air conditioned canine training facility for a reason… just ask the dogs!

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