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Blue nose pitbulls has become one of the most popular coat and nose color variation of the breed.
Blue nose pitbull puppiesBefore we take a closer look at the blue nose pitbull, it is essential to have some basic understanding of the pitbull in order for us to be able to easily put thing in clearer perspective.
The pitbull does not refer to a single breed but rather it is a collection of different breeds. However the ideal way to identify a true pitbull is to consider the lineage of the breed of which only the American Staffordshire terrier (AmStaff) and the American pitbull terrier (APBT) qualifies as true pitbulls. In order breed a blue nose pitbull both parent must at least be carrier of the recessive genes or must be blue nose themselves and the pup must inherit each of the recessive genes of both parents to form the pair of genes that produces the blue traits.
This recessive trait results in pitbulls with color that range from silver blue to grey or deep charcoal; the absence of black pigment as a result of the recessive gene is the cause of the gray shades in the blue nose pitbull. The pitbull is not a specific breed of dog but a name for a type of dog that share a common physical and behavioral traits. After ratting came dog fighting and pitbull, the ultimate canine gladiator, was the breed of choice that was used for this new blood sport.
As earlier stated, the blue nose pitbull is not a different breed of pitbull or a different pitbull bloodline. Because the blue nose trait is a recessive trait, breeders who are bent on breeding pups with this trait usually resort to inbreeding in order to increase the odds of breeding pups with blue nose. This practice results in the narrowing of the gene pool which increases the chances that the parents of the pup will pass down their health problems and other undesirable trait along with the blue nose traits.
Skin disease such as mange and alopecia are the most prominent health problem associated with the blue pitbull. This does not mean it is a bad idea to acquire a blue nose pitbull as these health problems are only possibilities as a result of the blue trait but not a certainty. Because blue nose pitbull is the fad of the moment, there are lots of unscrupulous breeders out there employing unethical breeding practice and operating blue nose pitbull puppy farms exclusively for pecuniary motives and not for the love of the breed. A breeder who does not operate pitbull puppy farm where a large number of pitbull puppies are bred every year. The breeder is particular about the home his blue pits are going to and probably also willing to pay a visit to home of the buyer before selling. Acquire your blue nose pitbull from breeders that have kennel club registration papers and that also provide health guarantees and assurances about the temperament.

As earlier stated, pitbull is not a specific breed but a collection of different breeds that have certain physical characteristics however the true pitbull breed are those that are of the lineage of the English pitbull dogs that was taken into north America by the English immigrants. If you intend to acquire a pitbull or you already own one you should be thoroughly knowledgeable about the breed. Your blue nose pitbull will require lots of training, socialization and exercise; this is not a hands-off breed. Blue nose pitbulls have high prey drive and prone to developing aggression towards other dogs and pets.
Since pitbulls were selectively bred for dog fight, if you have another dog at home you should opt for a blue nose pitbull of the opposite sex since dogs of the same sex are more likely to get in a fight.
Bringing up a blue nose pitbull puppy requires a lot of hard work with added mystery of not knowing how the pup will turn out to be in terms of the temperament. The dark side of pitbull that has made this breed unarguably the most controversial breed of our time involve the aggression that this breed is well known for.
The unyielding manner in which pitbull holds tenaciously to its victim has led to a myth that pitbulls have a lock jaws that gets locked up when they clamp down on their victim be it an object, animal or human being.
Most pitbull advocates and lovers have always defended the breed by blaming pitbull attacks on the owners but with the overwhelming bite statistics against the pitbull it is very difficult to support the argument that among all dog owners, pitbull owners are the most irresponsible and therefore should be blamed for the aggressive nature of the breed.
Pitbulls are usually associated with menacing looking dogs with large head, powerful jaws with muscular body. This is the fundamental difference between the blue nose pitbulls and other pitbulls of different coat color. The class of dog breeds that constitute the pitbull are American pitbull terrier, American bulldog, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier and any other purebred or breed crossed with any of these breeds. The crossing of the bull baiting bull dog breed with the terrier was the birth of the now famous (or infamous) modern day pitbull terrier. At this point the pitbull breeders continued their selective breeding which they began with the bull dog and bred the pitbull into the ultimate game dog (a breed that will fight to the last drop of its blood). The only difference is that it has a pair of recessive genes that is responsible for producing the blue nose and the blue coat color. This perhaps explains why some pitbull breeders on their website state that they do not provide guarantee to blue pitbulls because are vulnerable to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Also all dogs do have potential health problems and the blue nose pitbull fare extremely well when juxtaposed with other breeds such as the German shepherd and Rottweiler.

This is the first red flag that indicates that pups from this breeder may not be safe since he is more likely to employ unethical breeding practice in order to breed several litters of blue pits per year and it unlikely that he will be able to dedicate enough time to the pups. That purebred pitbull can be found in the American Staffordshire terrier (AmStaff) and the American pitbull terrier (APBT) which means that a true purebred blue nose pitbull has to be either APBT or AmStaff. This breed is as special and unique as much as it is controversial and in order to own a pitbull and not regret it sometimes later on you must stay ahead of the breed by being very knowledgeable. So if you want to acquire a pitbull and you already have a pet at home then you must be prepare to supervise the pitbull and it should not be left alone with the pet.
Therefore adopting a well trained and thoroughly socialized adult pitbull with a known temperament may be a better choice if you are not willing to put in all the required hard work. However expert examination has proved that the pitbull jaws and its functional morphology is not different from that of other breeds and they do not have lock jaws.
It is therefore advised that pitbull owners should always carry a break stick in situations where their dog could get into a fight or may attack a human being. It is therefore very important that blue nose pitbull owners know what their blue nose pitbull is capable of. They should posses and replicate the qualities we find desirable to be considered as a suitable pitbull for our kennel and in our breeding program. Dog fighting involves two dogs (usually pitbulls) fighting in front of spectators with bets placed on them. It is very important to note that a blue nose pitbull does not mean that it must have blue nose. The fact that you own what seem to be a well behaved pitbull dog for several years does not mean he cannot spring a surprise on you and leave an indelible mark behind.
The following pit bulls on this page are our female blue nose pitbulls that define our kennels.
Layla has no choice but to be a phenomenal producer because every champion pitbull in her pedigree has produced phenomenal offspring.

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