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Me and my brother in law is trying to figure out if he would be considered a blue nose.My brother in law says blue nose pits have a gray hue and a blue nose. You would not call a yellow colored lab a black lab just because his dad was a chocolate, anymore than you would call a black nosed pit bull a blue nose just because his dad had a blue nose.
I'm not saying that's not true because I know it is, but what confuses us is that on the internet we see a lot of black, white, all kinds of colored Pit bulls with just a black nose, but they are labeled blue nose.

Some people mistake black or seal dogs for blue but with blue dogs you will see the grey in the dogs coat and nose should be grey not black it's genetically impossible for a blue dog to have a black nose. Blue is not a bloodline and sometimes a blue dog can look darker in certain lighting but you can certainly tell the difference between a blue and a black nose. I know what you mean about people saying their black dogs are really blue and that's just because they don't know any better.

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