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Both the Pitbull and I have changed over the years, and, depending on your point of view, hopefully for the better. As for my impressions of the bike, the first thing I noticed as I pulled from the curb was that the Pitbull is well-balanced. Do not buy a bigdog motorcycle you cant get the parts to fix them and the wiring harness is crap it will burn up on you and big dog wont do anything about it!!!!! Maybe I can convince the powers that be at Big Dog to send another one up to me in Connecticut for “extended testing.” But let’s do it next spring.
From pro-street to classic choppers to touring, Big Dog Motorcycles will soon have an award-winning motorcycle for you – if they don’t already. At Big Dog’s model introduction, held in their new factory store in Costa Mesa California, we got our paws on as many bikes as we could in one day. Despite being in the lineup for 10 years now, The Pitbull has had a complete overhaul in 2008 and returns again in 2009 for it’s 11th model year with not many changes. In the end, we only had time to check out the ProStreet lineup but we’ll get back in the saddle later this year and bring you a report on the newest tourer when Big Dog gets the Bulldog ready for the market in the spring of 2009. To make your Big Dog more eye-catching, or blinding in the noonday sun, BD offers a chrome upgrade package for $2,000 that comes standard on the ’09 Wolf.

Big Dog also offers more than twenty color packages that range form $400 to $550 to take your dream bike further into fantasy land. The 2009 Ridgeback sports a short 17-inch rear wheel with Big Dog's widest available tire, a big fat 330. The founder and CEO of Big Dog Motorcycles, Sheldon Coleman, carries out the same diversification lesson and continues to successfully operate the world’s first and largest production chopper outfit in today’s tumultuous world market. Where the earlier version was a basic street blaster, the new Pitbull is much more refined and comfortable. When I asked Big Dog about this they stated it could have been due to the Florida humidity. Not having been on a Big Dog in nearly 5 years I didn’t hop on the headlining 2009 model right away - opting instead to experience the 117ci street rods with a ride on the rigid and retro-styled Pitbull. Although we did notice that the reserve allowance on the Pitbull will carry you much further than experienced on the 2004 Ridgeback. The Coyote comes with the same 117ci engine and 6-speed Baker tranny available on all the other Dogs in the kennel. Since the Pitbull is fitted with a BAKER proprietary primary system and six-speed transmission, tranny shifts were much smoother than a stock H-D tranny, as usual.

I rode this 2010 Pitbull at the same time of the year, but, being 11 years older and a little smarter, I did it in Florida during Bike Week. The evolution of the Pitbull reminds me of the changes the Ford Thunderbird went through from its birth in the late ’50s to a luxury car by the late ’60s. Fifteen years later, Big Dog Motorcycles is the world’s largest producer of custom motorcycles and has come to produce over 25,000 rolling pieces of art in the process. These large diameter wheels definitely give the Pitbull a different stance than the original version I rode back in the last century!
Even popping the bike into neutral was cake, but I did that as seldom as possible since the Pitbull was a helluva lot of fun to ride.

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