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Follow the ideas in this eHow to help understand your own dog’s actions and get on the path to curing dog separation anxiety.
Supplying lots of exercise is the first step toward treating separation anxiety in your puppy. Dogs with separation anxiety usually have low self confidence which means that your task will be to assist some assurance is gained by the dog. Eventually, dogs who show separation anxiety are often mistaken about your leadership skills.

Your acting out will just place your pet back farther in trying treat separation anxiety and to gain self-assurance. Teach your puppy to recover a ball or a Frisbee – excellent strategy to get him good challenging exercise and conserve your power in once! So you find out the best way to develop into a powerful leader, listen carefully to the teacher. Take the dog to your veterinarian promptly if the separation anxiety will be to this degree.

That is NOT regular separation anxiety, also it is quite possible that such a dog will be needing a light tranquilizer to get past the worst of the outward symptoms.

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