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All-absorb Training Pads 100-countThe top bestselling pad on Amazon, currently scoring 4.1 stars. Hartz Home Protection Dog PadsA good option if for travelling or if you're leaving the house for the day and need long lasting reliability.
Ideal for large breeds, these training pads are the largest in our list at 28 inches x 30 inches. If we ignore the fact that this product is currently the 3rd bestselling item out of the entire dogs category on Amazon, (making these pads staggeringly popular) one of the reasons for the success is the sheer amount of layers each puppy pad contains. With over 700 reviews and average score of 4.5 stars, the All-Absorb puppy training pads have received a lot of positive feedback. Very affordable, buy in bulk 100 and super-absorbent, the All-Absorb are clearly one of the best dog training pads you can buy.
In fact, many of those that were not happy with the All-Absorb listed above, recommend these pads instead.
In fact so confident are they that theirs is the best dog training pad around, the product comes with a 100% leak proof guarantee.

And although the product is designed for normal puppy training use, Hartz also pitch the idea that the pads are also ideal for extended indoor stays, or travelling. However, as you will see from the various customer comments, it does seem as if these pads are a bit on the small size. Great for smaller dogs and puppies, however, if you have a adult large breed dog you should look elsewhere. Two, we like them as they are the best value product out of the 5 reviewed, at only $19 for 100 pads.
Advertised as 63% larger than traditional pads, this should probably be taken with a pinch of salt however. It goes without saying that these pads are ideal for large breed puppies and adult dogs with greater bulk.
With almost 400 reviews on Amazon, and a current score of 4.1 stars, this product has been keeping owners and dogs pleased with the results. Clearly designed for larger dogs, or maybe even a litter of puppies; should you need ample space for your dogs to do their pee pee, this could well be the training pad for you.

Whether it be for house breaking new born puppies, extended stays indoors, traveling or for senior or ill dogs, an absorbent dog training pad can be vital. While the pads are not the thickest on the market, the 5 layers each serving an individual purpose make these wee-wee pads highly effective. Add that to the wide range of sizes available, and you have a puppy or dog training pad to suit all your needs. However, they do have larger sizes meant for adult dogs that could be used for medium-sized breed puppies.

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