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Just like with humans, overweight in dogs result in increased blood pressure (hypertension) and extra work required of the heart to pump extra blood to excess tissue may result in congestive heart failure.
The lungs of an overweight dog labor to function properly which leads to difficulty in breathing. Because fat is a good insulator, your overweight dog may feel well clad in wintering conditions but the heat wave of the summer will make her life miserable. Compared to dogs at optimum weight, overweight dogs have more problems when it comes to giving birth.
With an overweight dog, the excess weight means a drop in resistance to bacterial and viral infections i.e. The exact connection between cancer and obesity is not known but studies have shown that dogs suffering from obesity have a high risk of cancer, particularly urinary cancer. Now that we know the health risks associated with dogs suffering from obesity or overweight, it is time to get to the guts of how to help our dogs from these health risks.
Just because you dog does not look overtly obese does not means she is not overweight and on her way to being obese. Besides genetic reasons, your dog may be suffering from overweight because you are overindulging her with too much treats and human food or outright poor diet. Despite all the regulations meant to control the quality of the production of dog food, it is still possible for just about anyone to get into the business of dog food production without adequate knowledge of dog nutrition. Even if you do not have the time to make your own dog food, you should at least be able to prepare a healthy diet dog food that is nutritious and tastier than commercially produced dog food, which includes diet dog food sold by vets for dogs with particular nutritional needs. You can easily prepare healthy diet dog food that provides about 5-10 percent of fat, 20-35 percent of carbohydrates and 20-45 percent of protein if the dog food consists of 2-3 parts of plant carbohydrates and meat.
You should also take note of certain food that your dog must not be fed with; they include garlic, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, grapes, avocados and raisins.
Rice is a source of carbohydrates for your dogs and it also includes calcium, phosphorus and iron which is better preserved in unpolished brown rice.
A dog that feeds on home cooked diet of about 50-60 percent poultry or meat and 10-15 percent of meat fat is feeding on adequate fat.
There are so many options for providing healthy diet dog food that is far better than the commercial off the shelf dog food.

If your dog is already overweight then you will require more than just putting your dog on diet. Take away the junk food (table foods or unhealthy and fattening treats) if you are very serious about getting the extra weight off your dog. You will also have to cut back on the quantity of food you serve her and concentrate on improving the quality of your dog food.
I would recommend that holistic dog food is the best way to keep your pets healthy and happy.
Remember the above references are guidelines, if you feel your dog is overweight, consult your veterinarian. In addition to the dry food,we feed an extra helping of green beans, low in calorie and tasty.
It is expensive but look for a wholesale dealer, such as Countryside Pet, and the price drops dramatically.
This food is great, filled him up, coat is beautiful , and if he is hungry you can still give him some extra without the weight concerns.
I tried my goldie on the wellness healthy weight (or whatever the name) and while he liked the food a lot, he gained 6 pounds on it and had a lot of gas. Ideally you should be able to feel just a layer of fat between the skin and the spine or ribs and if you struggle to locate the rib cage then your dog is overweight. This non genetic reason is heavily responsible for dogs becoming over weight and this is where diet dog food becomes very important. The quality of food you choose for your furry friends has a major affect on skin, fur, teeth, gum and internal health. Your veterinarian will be able to determine if there are any medical problems causing the increased weight and will be able to suggest the best weight reduction program for your dog. The health risks associated with overweight dogs are pretty serious and all dog owners need to be aware of them. PetPartners, Inc., the provider of the AKC Pet Healthcare Plans, often sees many claims related to obesity in dogs, and in many cases, these claims are avoidable. If you can’t feel the bones beneath the layer of fat, the animal is obviously overweight.

If there is no waist, or worse yet, the area between the ribs and hips is wider than the hips or ribs, your dog is grossly overweight.
I had a dog that had to loose about 20 lbs and what I did was cut back her regular high protein food.
Changed to Premium Edge brand and added green beans (salt free) for weight loss and 95 lab dropped 17 pounds and it took one year. In addition to a healthy weight and exercise along with good quality food, this little gem is a must. He was put on prescription diet food through the vet and spent over a year eating that food to get his weight down to 90. Instead of indulging your dog with food in a bowl, take some of his dry food and use it as treats to reward him for learning new tricks.
We almost made it to the 90 pounds but I lost my job and could no longer afford the price of the food at $60 a month.
Dogs are programmed by nature to stuff themselves, that does not have much to do with being hungry in most dogs. The vet told me to keep him on a food that had about the same caloric content as the RX food. I had a labmix that got into a food bag and he had eaten so much that afternoon he looked twice as wide as he normally was, guess what, 2 hours after I came home and closed the door so he couldn’t eat any more, he was already wanting more food.
If you cant see ribs but can easily find the ribs by feel and the butt feels a bit bony then feed more food. SO, I tried the Wellness…he seemed to like the food but was always hungry and passed a whole lot of gas. It isn’t the cheapest food either, but I have found a store that sells it for about $6 less then the pet store where I was buying it.
Now that warmer weather has returned, we will be taking more walks, especially at the metropark, and getting outside for some more real playtime.

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