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One of the first things that you need to do is look for the warning signs of separation anxiety. The best way to tell if your dog is suffering from anxiety, and that they aren’t just bored, is to spend more time with them and get them some toys to play with throughout the day.
Most pet owners want to treat the separation anxiety naturally, rather than give them medications to help ease the effects. Dogs are pack or family animals which means that they are social and desire the company of other dogs or of humans.
It may be noted that dog separation anxiety is mostly common in urban dogs where most of the family members are working or need to stay out of the house for any reason. The diet of your dog has also been noted to possibly play vital role in developing its physical as well as mental health. Handling the dog professionally is one of the most effective ways to cure dog separation anxiety. I hope you have now understood the measures needed to be taken if your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety. We already mentioned the separation anxiety that puppies have, and this is sometimes something that they just grow out of as they get older and become more trusting that you will return home to them at the end of the day.

This often times makes it difficult to determine why your dog may be experiencing this anxiety when they are separated from you. There are a variety of different signs that may indicate that they suffer from separation anxiety.
There are a few things that you can do that will be all natural, safe and effective at modifying your dog’s behavior and helping them to feel at ease. You will also find some good dog training tips and commands that will show you how to raise a puppy! Many people leave dogs alone at home and do not understand that this may result in a psychological problem for the animal. Some of the dog diets are being researched, and are possibly one of the considerations known to cause anxiety which then results in dog separation anxiety. It is also advisable to keep some remedies handy if by any chance, your dog is wrongly fed by you. You should not punish your dog for behavior which can be a result of dog separation anxiety.
The problem is, sometimes the signs of separation anxiety are very closely related to the signs that come along with just plain boredom in dogs.

Puppies will often show these signs in the beginning, and sometimes it is because of both boredom AND separation anxiety. Due to the social nature of dogs, they want to be close to their owners all the time, in many dogs that lack confidence, this is a must for them to properly function. Once you rule out anything physical, you can begin to treat the anxiety and modify their behaviors. You should actually try to take some time out for your pet to play with him or her and also train him or her. This should not be considered as a remedy as it actually adds to the stress which your dog is already experiencing. Sometimes, homes that have multiple dogs will be less likely to have pups that experience these anxiety issues, because they always have someone there, a friend so to speak!
In addition to verbal commands you can definitely use signals like whistles or general call up sounds to train your dog.

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