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Shannan and her husband founded Finish Forward Dogs, Inc in 2009.Growing up in midcoast Maine, Shannan lived with Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Goldens, Labs and an Alaskan Malamute. Now more than eleven years later, I owe great thanks to my own dog, Brina, for teaching me the value in quiet patience, clear communication, consistent leadership and a very healthy sense of humor. It was there that Shannan worked alongside Teri Robinson, CPDT before assuming the position of Director of Training where she taught up to 15 classes a week and directed a team of three additional trainers.
All three dogs held obedience titles in both the United States and Canada.As a member of several different obedience clubs and captain of the Flyball MAINEiacs, Rebeccah actively competes in both sports and coaches her flyball team.

She also attends seminars and classes in order to stay up-to-date with the newest training methods and ideas, and has earned her CPDT accreditation (Certified Pet Dog Trainer).Rebeccah’s training style is a blend of intuition and creativity which enables her to deliver uncomplicated and effective solutions. Finally she is also a part of Finish Forward’s Behavior Modification Program, helping owner’s and dogs navigate through behavior problems such as dog reactivity, aggression, and frustration. She has attempted to try everything she can, and in turn it has taught her many techniques in problem solving training and bonding with her dogs. It helps her communicate to her clients the importance of having fun with your dog while teaching them a job.

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