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By LINDA MICHAELS – SPECIAL TO THE UT The easiest, scientifically endorsed methods to train and socialize your dog involve food. Introducing the Top Ten Best Dog Trainers in the United States, online lifestyle Top Ten Magazine noted that although dogs are our best friends, there are problems pet parents often face such such as jumping on people, dragging people along on walks, refusing to come when called, begging for food, barking at visitors, chasing  dogs, cats, cars and other behavior that may annoy and leave pet parents confused. From Linda: Thank you to Top Ten Magazine for including my dog training practice on your list of the top ten dog trainers! If you want to learn more about how I can help your dog, please read about my services and contact me.
Become a dog trainer if you have a passion for dogs, are a good communicator, and want to provide pets and their owners a better quality of life.

Dogs bark to repel intruders, for attention, during play, as an outlet for energy, or in separation distress. Ian Dunbar, DVM and PhD in Animal Behavior — a pioneer in non-aversive training methods and puppy socialization, prolific author and speaker, Zac George, Animal Planet star, and Kyra Sundance author, and famed dog sports and trick trainer. AKC-certified So Cal Dog Therapy Training in Riverside, California, provides training for puppies and adult dogs. Let’s continue on this fascinating journey discovering the scientifically-endorsed positive reinforcement training methods.

Our AKC CGC dual-certified dog trainer and tester has more than 15 years of experience, holds a degree in animal psychology, and maintains an impressive list of references.

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