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Founder and Chief Editor of Facts Legend, Sankalan believes that information should be free. Interestingly, when earthquake occurs, the shaking ground itself is not responsible for killing people. Majority of the earthquakes take place along the edges of the 7 major or primary tectonic plates of earth. Second to Pacific Ring of Fire is the Alpide Belt region where major earthquakes take place.
An earthquake is capable of releasing energy which is 100 times more powerful than the energy released by atomic bomb dropped on Japan’ Hiroshima in 1945. The power generated by the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 was enough to supply power 100% business and domestic units throughout United States for a stretch of 3 days. An earthquake occurring on ocean bed (like that of the Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004) can lead to tsunamis that are capable of traveling in all directions at a speed of 600 miles or 970 kilometers an hour. We mentioned earlier that an earthquake can last anywhere between a few seconds and few minutes.
Earthquakes are extremely devastating when they occur in areas that are highly populated and have hypocenters of less than 20 miles or 32 kilometers underground.

Believe it or not, earthquakes have been responsible for killing over 13 million people in last 4,000 years. Collapse of buildings, landslides, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis triggered by earthquakes are actually responsible for killing people. The country experiences thousands of earthquakes each year but most of them are too weak to cause massive damage. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, according to Seismologists, weakened the famous San Andreas Fault of California. Sometimes he gets really confused about things happening in life but then again, he manages to get things back on track. However, NEIC or National Earthquake Information Center records around 20,000 quakes every year of which only 100 or so are capable of causing damage. The major earthquake is succeeded by a series of small quakes which are known as aftershocks.
The actual focus of the earthquake is underneath the ground where the earthquake originates and the initial rupture occurs. A movement of just 20 centimeters (3 inches and 3 centimeters) is enough to cause a massive earthquake.

What is referred to as deep earthquake is actually an earthquake occurring on the crust but the only difference is that the crust slides down below another tectonic plate. Similarly, the earthquake that occurred in Chile in 1960 was so massive that the entire earth was shaken for several days. Interestingly ionosphere is around 80-480 kilometers or 50-300 miles above the surface of earth.
It is weird to know that the shape of a Pagoda is capable of resisting earthquake induced damage. The pressure actually moves through earth in form of waves (seismic waves) that we know as earthquakes. So, if your mind is curious enough, we invite you on this journey of 30 interesting earthquake facts.

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