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Spending time with most dogs you will probably find they want nothing more than to be close to you and be at your side as you experience the world. McManus suffers from a general anxiety disorder but manages to keep many of the symptoms in check with the constant companionship of his Australian cattle dog. While flying in itself has been a calming pursuit he soon found out that his service dog never wanted to be away from him (a bit of separation anxiety for Shadow).

Granted, I have no idea how extensive the wounds were, but in my opinion, this pilot likely landed the plane to calm the passengers, not because the dog was posing an actual threat. People that are unfamiliar or uneducated in dog behaviour language will continue to be bitten everywhere they act on ignorance—the dog park, doggie day care, dog shows, or yes, even a plane. They include guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs, seizure alert dogs and mental health service dogs.But increasingly, according to qualified handlers, more and more people are falsely claiming their dog is a service animal.

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