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The American Water Spaniel is highly energetic, loves children and is an excellent watchdog. The American Water Spaniel is the state dog of Wisconsin, where he was developed in the mid-19th century in the Wolf and Fox River Valley region.
Last but not least, it should go without saying that a people-loving dog like the American Water Spaniel needs to live in the house. Health problems that can affect the American Water Spaniel are eye problems, such as cataracts and entropion (the eyelids roll inward), as well as adult-onset growth hormone-responsive dermatosis, which can result in hair loss. The American Water Spaniel Club of America participates in the Canine Health Information Center, a health database.
Careful breeders screen their breeding dogs for genetic disease and breed only the healthiest and best-looking specimens, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and a puppy develops one of these diseases despite good breeding practices. The great thing about breed rescue groups is that they tend to be very upfront about any health conditions the dogs may have and are a valuable resource for advice. Puppy or adult, a breeder purchase or a rescue, take your AWS to your veterinarian soon after adoption. One of the few breeds native to the US, the American Water Spaniel was obviously created by mixing Irish Water Spaniels and Curly-Coated Retrievers.

The descriptions of that dog and the appearance of the modern American Water Spaniel indicate that the two bear a close resemblance.
In lieu of formal training, you can begin training your puppy at home and socializing him among family and friends until puppy vaccines are completed.
Before individual American Water Spaniels can be issued a CHIC number, breeders must submit hip and heart evaluations from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and eye test results from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).
Keeping an American Water Spaniel at an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to extend his life. The site allows you to be very specific in your requests (housetraining status, for example) or very general (all the AWSs available on Petfinder across the country). Post on your Facebook page that you are looking for a specific breed so that your entire community can be your eyes and ears.
Not particularly handsome, they tireless workers and adept at flushing game upland or retrieving waterfowl.
The AWS is appealing for his rarity, appearance, and size, but his assertive personality and potential for health problems are factors to consider before acquiring one. Calm and loving with his family, he has an alert nature that makes him an excellent watchdog.

American Water Spaniels have been successful in agility, rally, tracking, hunt tests and obedience, and they can also be found doing therapy dog work. Whatever you want from an American Water Spaniel, look for one whose parents have nice personalities and who has been well socialized from early puppyhood. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations. For best results, use positive reinforcement techniques such as play, praise, and food rewards.
American Water Spaniels can be slow to mature, so be patient and eventually you will be rewarded with a great dog.

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