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Nervous System Facts explain the importance of nerve cell to coordinate the action not only on human being but also animals.
The structural and metabolic support is tackled by glial cells.  It is part of nervous system which is responsible to support the system. People or animal can suffer from the malfunction of nervous system due to several reasons such as the infection, aging, genetic defect, and physical damage.
The nervous system in human body is very important to support the five senses of human being which includes heating, smelling, sighting, touching and testing.

The left side for your human body is controlled by the right brain, while the right body is controlled by the left brain. Excretory system facts present the information about one of the main systems in human body. Both human and animal are equipped with nervous system.  The system is operated by during the control and sensory apparatus to coordinate the network of nerve cells in each part of the body. The electrical waves will be travelled to other cells when neurons transmit signal to other cells in the body.

The connection between central nervous system and peripheral system is the responsibility of ganglia. If you want to make sure that your nervous system can work well, you need to perform a healthy lifestyle.

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