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Designed to read with very beginning readers, this book features fun information about the world's most popular pet.
Booktopia - All about Dogs and Puppies, A Grosset & Dynlap all aboard book by Laura Driscoll, 9780448418414. The book covers some of the breeds and some of the special ways dogs help us, including serving as rescue dogs and guide dogs. With great photos and interesting facts, it is sure to be a favorite with anyone who loves dogs!

Then learn all about them in this fact-and-photo-filled book that captures all the charm of these lovable animals.
Chapters on different breeds, caring for a new puppy, and those amazingly intelligent herding dogs, guide dogs, and police dogs add to the fun. Part 6Another case I had was the two well-known champions, Rob Roy and Laird, two of the best Dandies going at the time they were about.
Part 13Being brought up amongst horses, he was never happy unless with them at home, or travelling about.

Part 16I think it was in May, 1881, I sustained one of my severest losses in connection with dogs.

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