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Add to EJ Playlist  On Oct 31 Wally earned his first Q in Open obedience - and he did it with style placing 2nd in a class of 11 dogs entered. Add to EJ Playlist  Wally earns his second leg toward his CD with a 3rd place in Novice B obedience at Old Pueblo Dog Training Club trial Nov 2, 2008.
Add to EJ Playlist  Australian Terrier Wally makes his debut in AKC Open Obedience at Phoenix Field and Obedience Club trial in Feb 09. Add to EJ Playlist  Wally tested for his Advanced Trick Dog title and passed but my computer ate the videos -- no clue what happened. If any of you would like to show your doodles in Obedience (where they will blow the competition away) you can now enroll your pups in American Canine Partners and join the fun at the dog shows.

The AKC Canine Partners program is for anyone who has a dog they want to enter AKC events with. Carrington, a gorgeous English Goldendoodle from Sherri's Teddybear Goldendoodles, has just turned 2 years old and is in AKC Agility.
Most AKC clubs conduct a variety of classes instructed by trainers who have won awards in obedience competition with their own dogs, and they make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest training techniques. I’ve been training multiple puppies for our families and let’s be honest this is very tough! This program allows mixed-breed dogs or dogs ineligible for AKC registration to compete in AKC events such as obedience, rally, and agility.

Most clubs accept all types of dogs, mixed breeds and purebreds, and prospective students are usually welcome to observe a class before signing up for a training course.

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