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Paws-N-Play, LLC provides In home private dog training, obedience dog training and agility training that is not only fun, but also teaches your dog to have good manners! Paws N Play provides variety of Obedience dog training classes addressing a dog’s needs throughout their life including puppy classes, good manners classes, or workshops to work on specific problem behaviors.
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Agility classes are offered focusing on ensuring you and your dog have fun, get exercise, and build confidence! Contact us if you have any general questions about our classes, workshops, or private in-home training services!
So The Well Mannered Dog Center is the place for training, gathering, daycare boarding, and NOW GROOMING!

We offer Daycare, Boarding, Training, Agility and Grooming in a fun, home-like environment. The Well Mannered Dog Center, located at 5949 Clay Ave SW, is close to the heart of Grand Rapids Michigan, making our events, dog day care, classes and dog boarding easy to find and reach. For additional information or to make reservations please contact us here or call us during office hours, 9am - 4pm, Monday thru Friday. Techniques include positive reinforcement training such as clicker training or treat based training, as well as classical conditioning, and many others! More importantly, most of our staff have at least 17 years of experience with dog training, and there is always a person on site with the boarding dogs.

Michelle Jackson, owner and trainer has over 10 years of experience specializing in reactive dogs, resolving a variety of problem behaviors, teaching obedience and agility.
Our indoor areas are large enough to simultaneously handle three separate training classes and a regulation-sized agility course. This translates into plenty of indoor space so people can ‘drop in’ for a few hours in the evening for play, to practice, attend classes or even join a fly-ball league.

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