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Welcome to the Zoom Room Walnut Creek, providing exceptional dog training and the best in dog retail products for East Bay dogs and their owners. I cannot praise the Zoom Room Walnut Creek enough for the AMAZING dog birthday party they helped us throw for Taj.
The staff that works in Walnut Creek are all very professional, friendly and know their stuff about dogs. Hugo and I think the Walnut Creek Zoom Room is the greatest thing ever for dogs and their guardians. Liz and team are amazing, great with the dogs, very knowledgeable and I have seen amazing improvements in our Aussie! I knew when we got Ginger as a rescue that she would enjoy doing an agility type class but she was very shy around both people and other dogs. Claire, my 7 yr old Brittany, and I have been attending Zoom Room in Walnut Creek for the past 7 months or so. Working in the veterinary field, I am constantly exposed to many differed dogs that have come from different training groups, trainers, and training techniques.
Bailey is a 11yr old Maltese who has had agility classes over the years, but none have been as enjoyable as the classes with Liz.
Riley and I have a great time at zoom room, whether it's agility class, league, or scent workshop. WE ADOPTED 3 PUPPIES FROM A POUND WHO MISSED OUT ON SOCIALIZATION WHEN YOUNGER AS THEY WERE ILL FOR QUITE AWHILE. I've been lazy and haven't reviewed zoom room out of fear that it would become such a popular place and my poor nutmeg wouldn't be able to get her training, but alas the time has come to finally do a review. We offer positive dog training in group or private classes in an indoor, climate-controlled facility. Everyone (even those guests with no dog) really enjoyed themselves, Liz and David made it really easy for us the hosts to focus spending time on our guest and not worrying about the food set up or the general running of the party. Liz suggested the classes and training Alice should have and it has helped her grow into a far more confident dog -- and has helped us all have so much fun together! I love that the block of classes I bought can be used for whatever class I want, in whatever time slot I need. He is 85 pounds and not an obvious candidate for agility training, but Liz understands that we want him to be mentally and physically stimulated, to learn new skills, to enhance the communication between Digby and me and to have fun! The most important aspect of my puppy's training is that is done through positive reinforcement, humanely, and in a way that just enhances my dog's natural behavior, and helps us strengthen our human-dog bond.

All the products and treats they have in their boutique are healthy for both your dog's tummy, comfort, and mental health.
Many of them have even signed up for orientations and evaluations to start becoming a zoomer.
A couple of the dogs have gotten snippy at mine, but their people have promptly squashed that. We started bringing our dog by on his walks for treats and now we're enrolled in classes and taking advantage of the open gym that they offer. I think that your prices are reasonable and probably affordable for the Walnut Creek demographic. Each & every dog I walk that has been through training at the Zoom Room is a pleasure & a breeze to work with!!
I don't have a regular work schedule so the Zoom Room's many class times work wonderfully for me. She is very good at what she does but she has a lovely way about her and an ability to communicate with not only dogs but owners.
From the great products they offer to the staff going above and beyond for their clients to the fun and educational classes - Liddy and I are so glad we decided to check it out.
We threw our dog Taj a birthday party last week and it wasn't only the dogs who had a great time! We've done Agility so far, but I'm really interested in Tricks and maybe throwing in an Obedience to brush up on some skills.
Bella is a shy dog, so not only has this class been fun and mentally stimulating but it's also been great for her socialization skills!
Perfect for private gym sessions for us to practice recall in a small safe enclosed area, let the puppy burn off energy when it is raining, and introduce him to all the different agility equipment and potential new toys!
We would also love to see more social groups, for puppies, small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs. Unlike a lot of other dog training facilities, the Zoom Room is extremely clean and never has a foul odor. My session only had my dog and one other and we were finished in 15 minutes; not much fun and poor value for the cost. I love their retail store, and dogs who have experienced their gym sniff at the door like there's a steak inside when we walk by!! David so kindly took lots of WONDERFUL photos of the dogs and the party though out the night, just one less thing we had to think about.

It allows the dogs to progress on their own timeline and not be rushed along in a traditional obedience class.
Every dog is different and some may need more time than others to grasp new training, or even for the owners. This is unheard of in the Bay Area; normal obedience class sizes are around 15, and only limited if it is a shy dog class.
I wanted to be able to get him into classes last year so I paid for and scheduled an evaluation.
I blame myself for not getting him in when he was younger--he's wary of all things new and not well socialized.
Thank you so much Liz and David for making our baby's 5th birthday amazing, we can't thank you enough for the great work you put into our event. After he was done with that, he was still shy and fearful around new people and dogs, so we took a couple private lessons at Zoom Room to learn his stress signals and how to manage them. I've learned a great deal about Bean (and dogs in general) from each time I've attended a class.
We also look forward to renting the space for private gym to play and practice all his new skills. Puppy obedience is a MUST for new puppies and their owners, and we love that you can make your own schedule with a variety of classes. Digby and I are almost complete with Agility 4 and next we will do Scent training and when he's a bit older, he will become a Therapy dog with the help of Liz and the Zoom Room. Great environment, friendly staff and you'll get results (so long you practice daily at home for 15 min).
And Handy enjoyed it so much that my dad told me that one time he was walking him for me and he walked straight to Zoom Room and wanted to go in and play!
We can take him off leash hiking in open space and he listens for us to tell him to wait or come if there is a squirrel or dog passing. And it's true, Liz doesn't train the dogs, she trains the people, dog already knows what to do: make you happy :) Thanks Liz!

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