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Daphne acquired her first Afghan Hound Avia Of Pushtikuh in 1946 and was given to her by a friend.
The first Jagai litter involved the mating of Rech El Badia to Sundar and produced "three delightful little devils" Red Devil, Dust Devil, Fire Devil of Jagai. Back to the mating of Nishtar and Pasha - the litter produced 11 puppies and Daphne kept Jehan Of Jagai, but she had bad luck in that Jehan broke his leg before his first show.

Interestingly, just a few weeks prior to Daphne's passing, she and I were in an email dialogue regarding her Afghanistan imports and were also discussing Khorrasan.
However, as this could not be proven, Daphne did the honourable thing, reported the matter to the Afghan Hound Association and retired him from the show ring.

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