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Gemma Thomson, of NFUS, said: "NFUS has been aware of increasing issues experienced by members as a result of dog access. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 puts a duty of care onto owners to meet five key needs to ensure their pets’ health and happiness. To ensure dogs have a comfortable environment it is important for them to have their own dog bed where they can rest undisturbed.
We recommend that dogs are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, insured and receive regular, safe and effective preventive treatments for fleas and worms.
Owners who wish to breed from their pet should research and take appropriate actions (such as health testing) in advance.

Safety when travelling in vehicles is important; dogs should travel on the back seat with a seat belt or secured behind a dog guard.
It is not easy to achieve the correct balance of nutrients if you make a dog’s diet yourself. When a treat is fed, the amount of food given in the dog’s main meal should be reduced. Dogs need plenty of company and it is important that they are not routinely left on their own for more than four hours a day, depending on age. Regular grooming and dental care are important and a dog must be checked daily for signs of ill health.

Adequate care and provision should be provided for a pet dog when the owner goes on holiday.

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