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The Royal Family has a brand new member… and that means the Royal Dog, Lupo, has a brand new baby brother. My son Eric and our dog Sheba - 1978.-->I get many emails from people who own dogs and are about to add a baby to their family. Only about 25 children (between birth and 11 months) were killed by dogs in this country from 1979 to 1988. It is felt that most children are killed by dogs as a result of predatory issues and not rank drive or pack issues. My Grandson Jack and Eric's dog Saba Most dogs that kill children have not exhibited prior aggression tendencies (Pinckney and Kennedy, 1982).
Between 1989 and 1994 there were 109 dog related fatalities in America, 57% of them were children under 10 years of age. If there is any concern about the obedience and control of the dog at any time the baby is present, it should either be on leash or in a dog crate. I also just saw an add on TV where a dog was drinking from the toilet when the owner came home from work, then the dog runs down and gives the owner a big lick on the chops.
For those pet owners who feel their dog cannot accept a baby or may be too dangerous around the baby, there is always a dog crate and or an outside dog kennel.
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For example, you can play recordings of crying babies, or you can apply baby lotion to your hands regularly and let him sniff them. Try training him to NOT bark when the baby cries and every time he doesn’t bark, remember to reward him with a treat. Your dog may be the friendliest and best trained dog in the world, but a crying baby may still irritate him and he may act out instinctively. These people love their dogs but want to make sure that the dog learns to accept the presence of a new member to the family. Although this is usually a sign of acceptance and submission, one never knows exactly what the dog has been licking just before licking the baby. So the bottom line is that introducing a dog to a new baby revolves around common sense and being a responsible pet owner. After your dog has calmed down, it’s time to leash him up and introduce him to the newest family member.
Your dog will get confused and try to take the toy from your baby’s hand, possibly causing injury. Since both of these barriers will still allow your dog to see and hear the baby, he’ll start to feel more and more comfortable with the new family member.

These same people call for additional laws on breed bans and additional laws controlling our pets. There is no reason to allow the dog to come up and smell the baby as soon as it gets home from the hospital.
Give it a bone or a rubber Kong with a little cream cheese or peanut butter in middle to keep him interested and busy.
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