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Today, NYC is hosting its annual International Hot Dog Eating Competition, broadcast live on none other than ESPN. This entry was posted in Nutrition Label Analysis and tagged Hebrew National, hot dog, Hot Dogs, Ketchup, mustard, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite by Hemi Weingarten. While veggie dogs are increasingly common, especially in baseball parks around the country, the Worthington Foods brand, which later became known for its Morningstar Farms line of frozen foods, first created a vegetarian hot dog in 1949. And if you’re looking to sink your teeth into something tasty but meat-free, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a list of restaurants nationwide that have turned veggie dogs into an art form.
Playing into people’s love for hot dogs, NHDSC has launched an interactive contest, the amusingly named Hot Dog Idol, and is asking entrants to sing the praises of the treat.
The winners, who will be judged on both creativity and talent, will be announced on the association’s Facebook page and could win as much as $250 at the grocery store of their choosing. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council receives hundreds of hot dog related questions each year. When hot dog buns were introduced, hot dogs were sold in varying quantities at the butcher shop.
Sandwich rolls, or hot dog buns, most often come eight to the pack because the buns are baked in clusters of four in pans designed to hold eight rolls. However, to save you from the bread aisle arithmetic anxiety, you need to purchase five bags of eight-to-the-pack buns and four 10-to-the-pack hot dogs to break even.
Besides its early association with baseball parks, hot dogs are easy to prepare, inexpensive and easily portable making them the perfect food to enjoy while cheering on a favorite team. Figuring out the precise number of hot dogs sold at specific locations or on specific days is nearly impossible.

We do know that the southern United States eats the bulk of all hot dogs each year - more than any other region of the country. For more detailed statistics on regional consumption of hot dogs and sausages, contactInformation Resources,Inc. According to recent survey data obtained by the Council, Americans purchase 350 million pounds of hot dogs at retail stores - that's 9 billion hot dogs! All hot dogs are cured and cooked sausages that consist of mainly pork, beef, chicken and turkey or a combination of meat and poultry.
Dodger Stadium is hot dog heaven, selling the most hot dogs per year out of any ballpark in the country. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s Janet Riley pinpoints a higher cost of raw materials as a big part of the reason why sales are down.
While most of these questions are easy for us - the hot dog gurus - to answer, other questions are nearly impossible to answer. Hot dogs are considered a fun summertime food, eaten most often between Memorial Day and Labor Day - coinciding with the peak of baseball season. Street carts don't publish sales figures and dividing hot dog sales down to days would be an exhausting job. Residents of New York City purchase more hot dogs at retail outlets (grocery stores, supermarkets, etc.) than any other city in the country - over $101 billion dollars worth. Meats used in hot dogs come from the muscle of the animal and looks much like what you buy in the grocer's case. While it is often thought that hot dogs are the all-American food, they were first invented in 1484 in Frankfurt, Germany (hence the nickname “frankfurters”).

These days, manufacturers are starting to offer different quantities of hot dogs per pack and bakers are breaking out of the eight-to-the-pack mold and offering 10 and even 12 packs of buns. Supposedly, Dorgan could not spell the name of the dog, instead writing "get your hot dogs" for a caption.
And travelers passing through Chicago's O'Hare International Airport consume more hot dogs there than LaGuardia in New York and Los Angeles International. It is difficult to calculate the number of hot dogs Americans may eat at sporting events, local picnics and carnivals. Hot Dog companies use them as a preservative against bacteria, but they have a carcinogenic effect… No thank you, your hot dog is not worth cancer. If lined up end to end, those 150 million hot dogs would reach the moon and back five times—something the Associations Now staff has obviously verified personally.
Today hot dogs are sold most often in eight or ten to the pound packs, but some are sold other quantities as well. However, Dorgan's cartoon has never been located and some hot dog historians suggest the "dachshund" sausages were being called hot dogs on college campuses in the 1890s.
The Council estimates Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year - more than twice the retail sales figures. Fifteen percent of hot dogs are purchased from street vendors and 9 percent are purchased at ballparks, according to statistics from the Heartland Buffalo Company.

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