b'Hamilton Telecommunications1006 12th StreetAurora, NE 68818Hamilton Telecommunications Current Resident or:1006 12th StreetAurora, NE 68818Emergency Calls 911 is the common emergency number for all exchanges served by Hamilton.In addition, the following emergency numbers remain in effect: LOCATION AMBULANCE FIRE POLICE Aurora 911 911 911 or 402.694.5815Doniphan 911 or 308.382.3730 911 or 402.845.2200 911 or 308.385.5200Giltner 911 911 911Hampton 911 911911Hordville 911 911 911Marquette 911 911 911Phillips 911 911 911Stockham 911 911 911911 911 911Trumbull Toll Free Emergency Hotline: 1.800.525.5555\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03This emergency number is to be used for reporting drunk drivers, all types of hazardousWUDIF\x03YLRODWLRQV\x0f\x03DFFLGHQWV\x0f\x03FULPHV\x03LQ\x03SURJUHVV\x03DQG\x03PRWRULVWV\x03ZKR\x03QHHG\x03DVVLVWDQFH\x11 Find Us Online at HamiltonTel.comFollow Us on Social Mediafacebook.com/hamiltontelecom linkedin.com/company/hamilton-telecommunications Did you know that the Hamilton Telephone Directory is available online?Visit AuroraNEGuide.com.'