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Author: admin, 21.05.2013
So, do Planks with Leg Lift for 40 sec, then Single Leg Stiff-legged Deadlift for 40 sec, then Alternating Rows for 40 sec. Do Dumbbell Chops for 40 sec, then Push Press for 40 sec, then Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch for 40 sec.
The Spartan workout is a functional workout, meaning that gladiators would have wanted core, shoulders and leg strength.

I was only able to find a video with a couple exercises, not enough to publish their strength training routine. It’s just that the core of a good, fat-burning routine is going to involve a lot of core, legs (and in this case shoulder) exercises. If you’re looking to get that lean, gladiator look, then the Joe Manganiello workout and diet may help you as well.

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