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Author: admin, 26.06.2014
Try our simple 8-week Exercise Programs for home and gym and download illustrated printable workout routines for weight loss, muscle building, strength and more. Our Exercise and Yoga Cards are simple visual guides that you can use anywhere – at home, at the gym, the park or when traveling – to make exercise simple and fun!
Many of you have seen exercise ball on TV, in the gym or on the Internet and thought that you would never be able to keep your balance on them.  However, using the exercise ball is not as hard as you might think.
Its inventors created the fitness ball to improve your stability, your posture and your fitness.  In fact, their manufacturers also call it a balance ball, body balance ball and stability ball.

Most importantly, you need to determine the size of ball that would fit and support you best.  Most exercise balls come in 3 metric sizes, 55cm (4’11” – 5’4”), 65 cm (5’5” – 5’11”) and 75 cm (6’0” – 6’7”). Before you get your ball, you need to measure yourself up against an inflated one.  The inflated ball needs to come up to just under your knees so that while sitting on the ball, your hips are either level with your knees or slightly higher. More advanced fitness ball users can do Pilates that are more physical or exercise with free weights for great washboard abs.
So start today on your way to a better and healthy life, while using your exercise ball daily.

The 15 minute medicine ball madness workout will help you burn fat and gain strength at the same time. Once you have learned the exercise ball basics, you can go on to learning exercises that are more complicated.

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