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Author: admin, 06.04.2015
With the launch of Radius Fitness on Tuesday, December 9, NBCUniversal is trying its hand at a new business: helping people get fit at home. Radius is the latest launch in a booming category, where a fast-multiplying collection of companies are trying to create cool, accessible workout videos that are an upgrade to the traditional exercise DVD. One way Radius is attempting to do that is by tapping a debut team of instructors who are highly credentialed and already have star power on big-city fitness scenes, like Cyc Fitness’ Keoni Hudoba and NuFit creator Natalie Uhling from New York and Basheerah Ahmad, who spent time in Los Angeles and is now based in Oklahoma City, and has trained Carrie Underwood, Vivica A. Each of the instructors comes with a different approach, too, to ensure that there’s a breadth of options when it comes to workout styles.
Radius currently has about a dozen different workout programs that each come with a few individual videos. I loved these workouts and found them to be the first that I had EVER looked forward to each day! Fitness is back on television, channel 44 on Time Warner Cable  and within a touch of your device.
While scouring the television for school closings I happened to come upon its first workout set this morning with trainer Keoni Hudoba. NBCUniversal announced the launch of Radius, a new premium fitness media brand  with unlimited access to a broad variety of workout and lifestyle programming, viewable anytime, anywhere, and on any screen.
NBCUniversal has teamed up with top fitness industry leaders like Under Armour to bring you unlimited access to a broad variety of workout and lifestyle programming, viewable anytime, anywhere, and on any screen. The Radius trainers draw from their own individual fitness styles to create a broad spectrum of multi-workout fitness programs that are tailored for all fitness levels and interests.

Radius will continue to add new elite trainers and emerging fitness trends so that members can shake up their workout routines and reach new goals.
As a launch partner, Comcast will offer Radius members who sign up through Xfinity the ability to view the service’s fitness programming via Xfinity On Demand on the TV, and soon on their favorite devices via Xfinity TV Go platforms.
In addition to Xfinity, Radius is joining forces with some of the most innovative leaders across all areas of the fitness industry in order to deliver a comprehensive consumer offering that fits into an increasingly connected ecosystem of products and services. To produce its new signature programming, Radius has partnered with Dragonfly Productions, the award-winning production company responsible for creating some of the most successful fitness programs in the marketplace.
Radius is taking an open platform approach to both content and technology, incorporating offerings from the highest caliber consumer fitness brands and services while also connecting Radius seamlessly into third-party experiences. NBCUniversal has launched Radius, a workout-focused video brand that will span multiple platforms, including a $10 monthly Internet subscription video-on-demand service. In a similar offering, Hearst this summer launched CosmoBody, a fitness SVOD service with the tagline “Get Hotter. There’s only 8 workouts but 10 dollars a month and they are re-run forever on NBC Sportsnetwork live infomercials. Natalie Uhling is a fitness model and the super inspiring creator of NUFit, an intense kickboxing and dance cardio workout that in-the-know New York City fitness enthusiasts love. Oklahoma City's Basheerah Ahmad is a celebrity fitness trainer for clients like Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks and previously worked for Jillian Michaels.
Join Radius' Master Trainers for a series of fitness Facebook chats with us, starting this week!

Beginners might choose “Jumpstart” or “Radius Beginner Bootcamp” whereas those seeking a high-intensity program might opt for “Venom for Radius” or “Triple Threat.” For those who have limited time but still want to fit a workout in, Radius offers programs like “10acious,” a series of full body workouts you can finish in 10 minutes. Using Radius, users can also track and monitor their fitness activities while staying motivated as they earn Radius Achievements. NBCUniversal’s premier lifestyle production unit, LX.TV, will also produce fitness-related content for Radius, including segments on nutrition, motivation, and fitness gear. In addition, Radius programming will run as a three-hour weekday block of TV programming on the NBCSN sports network from 6-9 a.m. In addition, under the pact Under Armour products will be featured throughout Radius’ programming and can be purchased online. On Radius, she specializes in rhythmic movement training (as in, you can expect both dance and boxing moves, to the beat). On Radius, she's known for her cheerleader-level motivation, which makes her an ideal trainer for people just getting started on their fitness journeys.
I had been telling everyone how amazing the workouts were and suddenly they were no longer available. I would choreograph tons of dances to Michael Jackson and to 'Achy Breaky Heart.'" For the record, we could totally go for a "Billie Jean" workout routine.

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