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Author: admin, 24.02.2015
The first step in getting on track and gaining weight is to assess how much food you are REALLY eating each day. 2000-2499 Calories Per Day – Most bodybuilders and Hollywood celebrities CUT weight at this calorie intake level. If you are only slightly underweight, aim for about a 2 pound gain each month for the first year.
The following supplements are not magic pills or powders, but they can assist you will your weight gaining efforts.
While you may be maintaining weight eating this amount, you still need to eat a lot more food.┬áPlease refer to the 3000 calorie per day diet plan listen below. Even if you’re not looking to build a lot of extra muscle, you still need to eat more protein simply because you are trying to gain weight.

Fish oil is great for overall health, and works to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels, improve joint health, brain function, and much more. If you have a hard time eating enough solid food, a quality weight gainer can help you consume an immense amount of calories in shake form. The good news is that you do not need to lift weights 5-6 days a week to see great progress. When you are able to perform all the reps for each set, add 5 pounds of weight for that exercise the following week. Specific diet plans are included, along with a list of healthy weight gaining foods, and beneficial supplements. If you’re eating this much per day and not gaining weight you have a crazy fast metabolism.

This will help you put on 36 to 48 pounds in the coming year, which combined with weight lifting, will make your physique look much better. It can help increase workout energy and performance, and assist you with pushing for more reps and weight. A pre-workout formula can provide you with the extra energy and focus you need to experience a quality work. While absolute strength is not the goal, your body will not build a substantial amount of extra muscle unless you are consistently pushing for more weight on each exercise.

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