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Author: admin, 23.09.2015
The term Vitamin B Complex is derived from vitamin supplements which contain all eight members. The B vitamins are a group of eight individual vitamins, often referred to as the B-complex vitamins. Because Vitamin C and the B vitamins are water soluble they exit the human body via the urine.
As I'm headed to the medicine cabinet to take my evening dose of calcium and vitamin D, I'm also multitasking and reading an article in Pediatrics regarding vitamin D levels in children.
The association between low levels of calcium and vitamin D has long been known as a cause of rickets.
An editorial in Pediatrics stated that the strongest evidence about the effects of vitamin D deficiency was related to the risk of developing rickets.
The current study in Pediatrics shows that only one in five children between the ages of one and 11 receive adequate daily vitamin D. Some other pediatric studies have shown that teens with low vitamin D levels had higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also had a greater tendency to be overweight. Although many parents think their children are getting their dietary calcium and vitamin D from other dairy products (yogurt, cheeses, fortified juices), it's difficult to do without some daily milk intake.

While the data continues to be accumulated and additional studies determine age-appropriate blood levels of vitamin D, one thing is for sure: Daily milk intake and dairy intake is vital to growing children for a multitude of reasons. The group which includes Vitamin B are the water-soluble vitamins that are extremely important in cell metabolism.
Each individual has the choice to receive all eight in vitamin supplement form or they can be referred to individually by name. Foods rich in vitamin b include brewer’s yeast, liver, whole-grain cereals, rice, nuts, milk, eggs, meats, fish, fruits, leafy green vegetables and many other foods. The latest studies involving vitamin D and calcium metabolism are now appearing in the pediatric literature as newer information about the long-term health effects of vitamin D continues to evolve.
Upon further evaluation, it was found that rickets could be prevented and treated by increasing the daily amount of vitamin D a child received.
In African-American and Hispanic children, as many as 80 to 90 percent may be vitamin D deficient.
As a child's diet changes and they no longer receive formula, their daily milk intake may be reduced and in turn their calcium and vitamin D intake is inadequate. Due to the recommendations for routine sunscreen use in children and adults, we may not make as much vitamin D from sun exposure.

It's far easier to remember to pour your child, tween, or teen a glass of milk than to remind them to take a vitamin or two every day. Initially, the B vitamins (b vitamin complex) were grouped similar to single vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D or Vitamin E, however, later research revealed that that they are chemically independent vitamins.
Vitamin B also helps keep the nervous system functioning properly by breaking down the fats and proteins. Subsequent recommendations were made that all children should receive 400 units of vitamin D daily. Not only is vitamin D important in bone metabolism and health, but other studies have also suggested vitamin D may play a role in preventing infectious diseases, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. It's also known that dark-skinned children, especially in more northern latitudes, are more likely to be vitamin D deficient. At the same time, children don't play outside as often as in past decades, and this too may contribute to obesity and lower vitamin D levels.

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