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Author: admin, 12.10.2013
Reflexology (zone therapy) aims to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve general health.
Once you decide to embrace a fitness or health journey, the next step is to quantify it with a result.
When we think about overall health, most often it’s exercise and nutrition that pops up first. The durian is the "king of fruits" in most Southeast Asian countries, so that's probably why most of us haven't heard of it.
Eating this herring raw surely beats eating it how many people in Scandinavia do, rotten in its own juices, but it's still hard to take down.

If you can't imagine eating brains, just pretend you're eating really mushy, squishy meat gelatin.
Eggs that cost three times as much,  pricing themselves and food made with them out of the reach of many of the people who would benefit the most.
These weird foods are considered delicacies in many other countries and are full of heart-healthy and disease-fighting antioxidants.
The thought of eating eyeballs is a bit too deranged serial killer for us, but to many, these are the finest tasting eyes around. Most people fry it with a ton of seasoning and serve it on a bun, making it almost like eating a burger.

On the health side, it's actually loaded with vitamins, minerals and a ton of antioxidants.

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