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Author: admin, 22.11.2014
It's a great idea but I thought I would pick up and carry that ball a little further since that thread will eventually get buried on PR.So, if you blog about sewing for plus sizes, blog about styles for plus-sizes, or just know of a good blog that fits either category, please leave a comment on this post with a link to the blog. You should be able to follow along with different brands, but some of the steps may be different (releasing tension, for example). With a long, skinny tool (I use the needle allen wrench which came with my machine), sweep under the presser foot and behind the needles, "hooking" the needle threads.
Continue sweeping forward until the needle threads are pulled out in front of the presser foot.
Continue pulling straight back until the needle threads are pulled to the underside (this will happen as you pull the fabric back), and stop when you have about 5-6 inches of needle thread.

Belinda has put together an excellent tutorial for ending the coverstitch on the Brother 2340CV, here. I think I may be putting it all onto a new blog instead of my own website, but I'm still thinking on that and there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it done as quickly as I want.Also unrelated - the TNT capris are nearly done.
We ended up losing power for a couple of hours, but thankfully it was bedtime and we hardly noticed.
We also lost a big tree, which is now horizontal in the side yard, and lots of big branches are strewn all over the rest of the property.
You'd alter an existing pattern the same way too (below the yoke).So after my fuming about this stupid pattern wore off, I altered my TNT for more tummy room, which is the only place I needed to adjust it.

This gives me a "fold down" piece which keeps the original pattern intact, but incorporates the new spread for tummy room. Oh, and $23 is what I ended up paying for this machine after the seller compensated for the shipping damage.

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