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Author: admin, 25.10.2015
Related Posts100 Protein Shake Recipes – LEAN MUSCLE IN A GLASS Protein Shake Recipes for muscle gain and fat loss. Balancing your proteins in your smoothie is what takes it from a “treat” to a healthy snack or meal.
THE DIET PLAN is to feed you the information needed to realize your full potential as a bodybuilder. Things that are fast, easy to make, packed with tons of healthy nutrients and FormulaOZ super charged bio-active powders and easy to make liquid meal.

The amino acids in the casein will slowly release to your muscles  (whereas whey will provide a quick burst of amino acids to your muscles) Casein is a great choice beforebed because the steady release of protein is great while you sleep!  The addition of flax oil is a great Omega-3 healthy fat to aid in muscle growth and recovery while you are tucked away!
Created by Irina, this recipe for […]Blend your own Protein Smoothie at home and fuel your muscles the right way! You may not have all of the ingredients, so feel free to play around or check my post about know-how art to make perfect protein shake from anything !
During a workout, blood glucose levels drop because your muscles use the glucose for energy.

In order to replenish those loss glycogen stores, and a quick carbohydrate such as honey gets into your system FAST,  replenishing the muscles.

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