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Author: admin, 23.05.2015
I will never understand why competitors do 2 cardio sessions per day when they are not getting a fat burning effect, but rather just eating up muscle and reducing metabolism.
If you are eating 1200 calories per day and burning 500-1000 in your workouts you are damaging your metabolic rate.
They prescribe you these low calorie diets with endless amounts of cardio and the minute your show ends you gain back tons of weight, they then tell you its because you binged too much. What really happened was that during your dieting process you constantly chipped away at your metabolism.

So for example lets say a healthy adult female burns 1500 calories per day without any exercise.
Most competitors by the time of their show have damaged their metabolic rate so much that their BMR may be as low as 2-300 calories per day. So the minute the show is over and you eat a few normal meals, while not doing the double cardio sessions your body immediately gains bodyfat and fast. Last year when she competed in the world championships she did nothing more to her weekly routine mentioned above than simply add 1-2 intense HIIT sessions per week and stop cheat meals 3 weeks out.

We spent a week in Mexico for her bday eating whatever we wanted, consuming a few tropical alcoholic beverages, doing zero cardio and got in a few lifting sessions.

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