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Author: admin, 19.05.2014
If they are doing something unique or are put in a position where low carbing is near impossible, don’t beat them up (mentally and certainly not physically) for making a decision to eat off plan. Honestly I wuldnt be where im at today if it wasnt for low carb, completely changed my life! I got a atkins kit with bars in the mail and i want to know is these bars safe to eat for teens.

Make it a non-event, and let them know that they aren’t always in control of everything. There are lot less resources available in Qatar to do lowcarb, but your videos sure make a little go a long long way. I know because I have friends who are living that scenario because they didn’t change the way they eat.

Everyone who eats my food loves it…they are, unfortunately, just too lazy to do it themselves or too addicted to those tasty carbs.

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