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Author: admin, 22.09.2013
Examination of the fossil record led paleontologists and ornithologists to conclude that birds descended from dinosaur lineages.
Despite the fact that a small number of living things are preserved as fossils, the diversity of those creatures is significant, and people recognize that what has been found is only a small percentage of what is available for discovery. Anyway, from what I have read, the literature is a little misleading, and there is a lot of rhetorical devices and fallacies used to argue the point.

I have always wondered what the argument to the fossil record is for those who believe in creationism.
Paleontologists and related scientists have located remains ranging from microscopic bacteria to massive mammals, with dinosaurs being perhaps the most well-known. Scientists consider the remains they have found to be extremely precious and apply what they learn from them into multiple disciplines.

Museums guard what they do have strictly, often with advanced technology, and normally, they display only a few prized pieces from their collections to illustrate main points in evolutionary history.

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