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Author: admin, 15.05.2013
If you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a heart attack, the first thing you should do is call 911, then head to the medicine cabinet and CHEW, that's right, chew, not swallow an aspirin tablet.According to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, chewing a 325 mg dose of aspirin significantly reduces blood clotting within 5 minutes. That is a HUGE benefit and has made Juice Plus+ capsules an absolute must for all my customers.I highly recommend all my customers, especially those with heart concerns, to take Juice Plus+ as the foundation of their supplement program.
I consider Juice Plus+ to be a foundation product for individuals who suffer from heart disease.

You have shown, either by signing up for our heart health newsletter or by purchasing heart healthy supplements, that you believe in taking a proactive care of your heart.
Chewing an aspirin is key to reducing further heart damage because it will reduce clotting time.Oh great!

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