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Author: admin, 05.10.2013
For those of us who can't imagine socializing without alcohol, keeping a check on our carb intake may seem a little difficult. Hard liquors such as whiskey, vodka, brandy, rum, absinthe, gin, tequila, and other distilled drinks, have zero carbs. Pure alcohol can be almost twice as fattening as carbs which contain 4 calories per gram, against pure alcohol which contains 7 calories per gram. Although it is a good practice to keep a tab on your carb intake in any way you can, when it comes to drinking, ensure that you do not neglect the calories in a drink, as well.
This Buzzle article will give you some options that you can choose from, of the many low-carb alcoholic drinks available. Fermented drinks will always contain some amount of carbs."Carbohydrate", the word has become more like a nightmare to diet followers who are trying to escape from the clutches of calorie-heavy foods and drinks, and are trying hard to keep themselves toned.

Well, according to the author of The Low Carb Bartender: Carb Counts of Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks and More, the liver metabolizes alcohol into acetate, not sugar. However, that does not mean that one can go overboard with these, because they are loaded with calories! On the other hand, if you are mixing these drinks with other liquids to make a cocktail drink, the number of calories and carbs are likely to increase. As for the calories, note that if the alcohol content in the wine is high, the higher would be the number of calories. It is still easy to eat right when it comes to food, but when it comes to drinks, most of us often stick to regular or lime water, while still craving for yummy cocktails and other alcoholic beverages! As I have already mentioned, the process of fermentation always leaves some residue that contain carbs, but the final outcome of distillation is ethyl alcohol which does not contain carbs at all.

You can enjoy these drinks at a party in moderation if you don't wish you succumb to their influence on your diet and demeanor. It is true that not drinking alcohol will help you achieve your target body shape, however, if you must drink, you need to know what your pick among the many options should be, before the bartender delivers it to your table. Also stay away from dessert wines and make sure you stick to dry wines which have the lowest carb content. Women are recommended to take not more than 1 drink in a day, while the quantity doubles for men.

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