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Author: admin, 10.09.2014
As a caterer you need to learn about the role food plays in the life of the different people you have to cater for.
If you do, your longing for the home food is the results of the habit you have cultivated around those foods. When you travel from the East Coast of Ghana to the West, you would notice the various ways in which food commodities are used. These corn dishes are eaten with different kinds of sauces and soups depending on who is eating it. Education also gives you consumer information which would help you to buy food wisely from the market place. In short, education helps you to make informed food choices which will provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy body at a minimum cost.

Education can also make you decide not to eat certain foods because of their harmful effect on your body. Economic status refers to the amount of money you have to spend that is whether you are rich or poor.
Some foods can grow only in certain types of geographic locations and this determines the foods available in such locations.
Without transportation of food from where it is grown to the market place, people would eat only foods grown and processed locally. In the food industry, technology provides scientific methods of preserving food and processing it, so that it is available throughout the year. The food habits you form as a result of nutrition education would normally remain with you for the rest of your life because they are based on facts.

However, habits formed as a results of improvement in economic status would change when the status changes. Customers normally buy foods they are familiar with and foods which have appetite appeal, that is, the kinds of food they like and enjoy. You have to consider the times people like to eat their food and how they want the food served to them.
Examine the reasons given for not eating this food and determine whether it is a sound reason or not.

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