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Author: admin, 11.04.2015
If you prefer being in the outdoor than surrounded by the four walls of a gym, then you probably skip over the weight room and head straight to the pavement when it’s time for a workout.
Strength training strengthens muscles and joints, which can improve race time, create good running form, help you become less prone to injury. Keep In MindThe only thing you need to do to make this happen is to treat strength training the same way you do with your run workouts. The ideal strength training routine for runners should aim at boosting strength and mobility in the lower body muscles, that include your shins, calves and plantar muscles, helping you improve your push-off strength and also lessen the risks of overuse injuries, which is very common among runners of all levels and ages. As a result, if you are looking to run up to your next level and boost your running performance like nothing else, here are seven strength exercises to make of the weight room the perfect training ground for your running breakthrough.
Without further ado, here are the seven strength exercises that every runner should do, along with proper form tips and videos showing you exactly how to do them.
The plank—in all its variations—is one of the best core exercises that targets every angle of the core, lower back shoulders, making it for an an effective and powerful strength exercise. Grab a weight, then lie on your back with upper legs perpendicular to the floor, and knees bents 90-degress. Not only that this move will promote strength throughout the body, it will also help you gain essential flexibility and mobility in your hip flexors, helping you become more functional , which is good for all athletic and daily activities—not just for running.

They target a lot of running specific muscles, they convenient requiring no equipment but your own bodyweight, and can be easily added to your post-run routine. The single-leg deadlift is the ideal slow—burn move for building strong hamstrings and glutes—helping  tackle those steep hills with ease—while working also on improving your balance and boosting your stability. Lower the weight while keeping them very close to the tops of the legs until they until they go past your knee. Note: if you have lower body flexibility and mobility issues, use a chair or a bench for the assisted pistol option. Nevertheless, when it comes to improving your running (without running more), adding a weight training routine into your program is vital.
In fact, as a runner, I found that by sticking to a regular strength training program, I only got faster, fitter and become less prone to injury.
In fact, strength training is one of the single most important non-running aspects of training that can help you a become a faster, stronger and less injury prone runner. That’s why they would need a different strength training program than the standard gym rat.
You should consider the weight room a part of your training schedule as you do with your sprint drills or weekly runs.

As you get stronger, aim to gradually add time and make it more challenging by adding weights to it—placing a plate on your back.
It’s the perfect fit-in-all move—this is especially true f you are pressed for time and are looking to get the most bangs out of every minute of training.
In fact, as a runner, squat should be a staple in your runner’s oriented strength training program. You can always add a set of squat every now and then –especially if you don’t have the time to go for a full strength workout routine. That’s why squats are runners best friend and ally when it comes to making the most out out of r the run strength program routine.
At the end of this post I’ll be sharing with you 3 of my favorite strength workouts for runners to help you start off exactly on the right foot.

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