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Author: admin, 20.03.2013
But distance runners shouldn't sprint down to the gym and pile as many plates as they can find on the bench press rack. Once runners have plotted out their long-term training calendar to include weight training, they have to decide on specific exercises.
Time-based programs use the same exercises but don't aim for a specific number of repetitions.
It also makes the best possible use of something distance runners always lack – time. That leaves time for a short run, or perhaps another cross training endeavor like biking or swimming.
And, if you're looking for something more, consider signing up for Runners Strength Training sessions with UW Health's Sports Performance program.

Bock says runners need to answer a few key questions to determine how much and how often they should be lifting weights, the first being when their race is taking place.
Many races are in the spring and summer months, making winter a perfect time to adopt a weight lifting routine. Perhaps surprisingly, effective weight training doesn't mean hours and hours in the gym, Bock says. With the former, runners can select eight or 10 exercises, making sure to address each muscle group, and perform 12 to 15 reps of each.
Instead, runners can perform the exercises for, say, 30 seconds, knocking out as many repetitions as they can during that period, and then take a 15-second break before moving on to the next exercise. Using a time-based program as an example, 10 30-second weight lifting exercises separated by 15-second rest periods is seven and one-half minutes for a complete set.

Paradoxically, Bock encourages the distance runners she trains to run less, because running every day can be tough on the muscles and joints. But UW Health exercise specialist Karla Bock says adding a weight regimen into a distance training program can result in better running performance and fewer injuries. Runners in colder climates reap an additional benefit, as a weight program can serve as a reprieve from the snow and stinging winds familiar to winter training. With a drink of water between the first and second set, runners can efficiently and effectively complete a weight room session in less than 20 minutes.

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