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Author: admin, 15.02.2015
Since Weigh-Less' inception in 1975, our mission statement has remained for every member to attain and maintain their ideal weight the healthy way. Weigh-Less: The Weigh-Less Way Eating Plan is based on prudent dietary principles and we show members how to tailor your weight management programme to suit individual needs, taking cognisance of lifestyle, culture and social behaviour, as well as food preferences. The credibility of the Weigh-Less brand is such that everything compiled in food lists, menu plans and all material given is done under strict dietary guidelines and principals in conjunction with dieticians and the medical fraternity.
Weigh-Less provides you with a sense of belonging and purpose through our unique in-Group experience.

You are motivated and supported by a trained Group Leader and Members also on their own weight loss journey. Weigh-Less is the only health and weight management company in South Africa to be named as an endorsement entity by the South African Department of Health. We have assisted hundreds and thousands of people of all ages to lose weight successfully. Your Weigh-Less Formula consists of foods from each of the major food groups, as depicted in the Weigh-Less Food Pyramid.

We not only help members to reach your Goal Weight, but we also teach our members how to maintain their ideal weight for the rest of their life. All the food allowed in the Weigh-Less Eating Plan are therefore defined in the food list as either Good, Better or Best so as to educated members on how to make appropriate food choices.

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