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Author: admin, 04.09.2014
I would like to Congratulate and Thank everyone for their participation and support through our first Paleo Challenge. Your score will be the amount of Reps you can get to within the allotted minute time frame. The paleo diet review - weight loss resources, The paleo diet claims to get you eating like a caveman.
A women guide paleo diet weight loss, Everything you need to know about the paleo diet, how to get started as well as results modern women can expect from this caveman diet..
Paleo weight loss - paleo network, The paleo diet is great for weight loss, but many people plateau, fail to lose weight, or even gain weight by making some basic mistakes..
The female experience: paleo weight loss - paleohacks, I'm getting the distinct impression that the weight loss results on a paleo diet are much more consistent for men than they are for women.
Paleo weight loss plan - The paleo weight loss plan is a healthy natural approach for sustained healthy weight loss, and a plan that will change the way you look at dieting forever.. Paleo diet weight loss –  I know some of you have been waiting for this and want to know more about this, so here it is. With all the Paleo diet craze, all the talk about it being healthy, and how it helps prevent and even clear up some forms of serious ailments, let us now look into the science behind Paleo diet weight loss.

So, I challenge you to discover, uncover and ultimately understand the Paleo diet and how it will help you lose weight if you do get on it and follow it.
Paleo diet enthusiasts assert that eating processed food or food items that are beyond man’s evolutionary metabolic background are significant causes of chronic diseases in the modern world. Although the main contention of the caveman diet is adopting a healthier lifestyle, its followers are obviously also hyped about its weight loss promoting characteristics. This is essentially how Paleo diet followers have experienced significant weight loss after only a few months of beginning the diet.
Finally, as I’ve said in one of my posts in this Paleo diet education series, the best thing about any Paleo diet weight loss program is, how simple it is to follow. I CrossFit on average 5 times per week, eat a paleo diet full of awesome fats, protein and vegetables. Even if I ate like crap, I would have lost weight working out the way I do – not have put on 15. For some of you,  this may be the most interesting or valuable part of the Paleo diet education series.
Then again, I know you wouldn’t take my word for it, because there have been so many types of diets that have been commercialized, popularized and magnified in the past, all claiming to help you lose weight but not very many living up to their claim.

It turns out that the hunter-gatherer diet involves more amounts of protein, with significantly lower carbohydrate content compared to the usual diet of modern man.
There are many intelligently written diet and weight loss books out there that very clearly explain the science behind why eating more protein contributes to a higher metabolism and consequently, greater fat and calorie burning! As a result, in trying to stay with that intention, I have begun creating a whole post dedicated purely to what you shared.
And because the Paleo diet is mainly comprised of very high protein content food types, your stomach will feel full quicker. This whole thing about being on high-protein diets and eating more to actually lose weight, does sound and feel counter-intuitive, but it is a fact. You probably will be amazed (just as I was) at how quickly you can experience weight loss with the Paleo diet.

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