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Author: admin, 16.05.2014
A day of success - exercise, fresh air, renewal and recharging - followed by a relaxing retreat to your private room.
Copperhood Retreat & Spa is a peaceful sanctuary in NY where our guests have been reaching their wellness and rejuvenation goals for the past 29 years.
Nestled in the lush Catskill Mountains Forest Preserve, a beautiful two-hour drive from New York City, this elegant boutique retreat and spa provides the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, relaxation and fitness, and gourmet and healthful dining.

We offer a wide range of customized programs for accelerated weight loss, detoxifying diets, juice fasting, raw food therapy and Ayurvedic Pancha Karma.
Fasting at our retreat offers the additional benefit of being pampered and surrounded by the natural beauty that inspires you to become your very best.
The non-clinical environment, small group atmosphere and quality and caliber of our facility set us apart from most detoxing retreats.

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