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Author: admin, 13.04.2015
One of the studies that highlights this ineffectiveness of cardio as a weight loss tool is the Midwest Exercise Trial, a 16-month exercise study. One important thing to note was that there was no actual diet intervention in this study, it was strictly a study focused on the ability of aerobic exercise to produce weight loss. As it turns out, doing steady state cardio for almost a year and a half is a reasonably effective way to cause weight loss in young males.
Far more interesting was the fact that despite expending 2000+ kcal of energy at the gym each week for 16 months, young females lost absolutely zero weight.

So for all those ladies out there trying to remake their physique, stop slogging away for hours in the gym with little to no noticeable benefits.
So for someone training 5x week, 2000 kcal amounts to spending ~30-40 minutes in the gym during each of those five sessions.
For anyone wondering, almost all the weight loss for these males (96%) came from fat, so this exercise intervention clearly was effective.
But unless a female is doing a minimum of 3-4 hours of intense physical activity a week, I never recommend they do steady state cardio (if fat loss is a goal).

Instead spend the bulk of your time at the gym resistance training, but pair it with a rock solid diet plan.

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