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Author: admin, 30.05.2013
Ok… so a few days ago I had my very first experience with grocery shopping on a budget! I realized that morning when I woke up that I was doing my family and our finances a disservice by letting my wants control the food budget!
It’s time to set some boundaries and get a budget working for us & time for me to share it with you! Earlier in the week, I sent over a list of some ingredients I would need them to pick up, and on the day of the presentation, I packed up a few of the ingredients I already had on hand (like tahini and brown rice syrup) and showed the girls how to make 4 easy snacks.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, boost your metabolism, eat cleaner or just eat healthy, fresh foods, it’s important to keep your meal balanced and colorful.
I whipped up some Shakeology (which, by the way, is perfect to have before or during a grocery trip to keep the unnecessary cart additions at bay that arise when you go shopping hungry), & off we went! The plan I’m going with to keep fresh food in the house without letting so much go to waste is a 2 times per week grocery plan!
In reviewing my list, it’s become painfully obvious that we may need to squash the grapes habit, lol!

If you haven’t seen the list, a quick Google search will reveal the top 12 foods that contain the most pesticides and the 15 foods that have the least amount of pesticide contamination. I bought organic red grapes because they are on the dirty dozen list and at $7.22, we can pretty much say that our grape budget is over $200.00 a month!

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