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Author: admin, 08.09.2015
I love drinking water, usually I drink a 3 liters a day (101 onz) with two fresh squeeze limes. Plan for a quiet, meditative 30 -45 minutes of warmth and relaxation during this healing weight-loss wrap. Electrolyte water helps rehydrate your body and replenish electrolytes for optimum hydration.

It's a great time to congratulate yourself for making healthy choices and starting to create the next best version of YOU!A 30 minute Infrared Wrap will burn 850 - 1200 calories in a 30-minute session!
Usually the perspiration will not totally saturate your sweats during the wrap so they are fine to wear home after - similar to a good work out at the gym. The water weight you lost will come back when you rehydrate but the calories you burn will not!

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