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3.1 Students learn to explain why the concentration of water in cells should be maintained within a narrow range for optimal function. It follows that a fixed concentration of substrate and enzymes is necessary for reactions to proceed at an ideal rate. 3.2 Students learn to explain why the removal of wastes is essential for continued metabolic activity. The distal (distant from the glomerulus) convoluted tubule is mainly responsible for the regulation of potassium, pH (acidity) and calcium concentration in the body.

3.14 Students process and analyse information from secondary sources and use available evidence to discuss processes used by different plants for salt regulation in saline environments. In the photograph of an Acacia sp seedling below, you can see that the first leaf to form was a bipinnate (compound) leaf.
Products of digestion such as sugars, amino acids and vitamins are carried dissolved in blood plasma.
2.7 analyse information from secondary sources to identify current technologies that allow measurement of oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide concentrations in blood and describe and explain the conditions under which these technologies are used.

2.11 Students learn to describe current theories about processes responsible for the movement of materials through plants in xylem and phloem tissue.

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