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Author: admin, 16.01.2015
Due to its superior nutritional value, broccoli is also one of the best foods to eat if you are looking to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Supercharged with both vitamin C and vitamin K, broccoli is often included in anti-bruising diets.
In this in-depth article, we dig into some of the most compelling health benefits of green tea. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C, with one cup of chopped raw broccoli providing a whopping 135% of the daily value for vitamin C.
For instance, the health benefiting compounds in broccoli can reduce DNA mutation, eliminate carcinogenic toxins, induce apoptosis in cancer cells, help prevent benign growths from turning into malignant tumors, and help prevent the spread of cancer within the body.

If you prefer broccoli sprouts, head to a health food store to buy these nutritional gems, or grow your own at home using organic broccoli seeds.
Eating broccoli raw or lightly steamed is the best way to reap the health benefits of broccoli. Vitamin K is required for normal blood clotting, and a lack of vitamin K in the diet has been linked to increased bruising. Not only is raw broccoli loaded with vitamins C, K and B9, it is also a very good dietary source of carotene, potassium and sulforaphane. Vitamin C, in turn, helps fight excessive bruising of the skin by strengthening the small blood vessels.

The ability of foods rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli, to prevent wrinkles is linked to the role vitamin C plays in collagen production and in the antioxidant system of the body.
A study from Arizona State University found that folks with low blood concentrations of vitamin C burned 25 percent less fat during a 60-minute walking session on a treadmill than people with adequate levels of vitamin C. The body uses vitamin C to make carnitine, a compound that encourages the body to turn fat into fuel, rather than store it as body fat.

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