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Author: admin, 30.05.2015
Although mineral makeup is becoming increasingly popular for those looking for a healthier makeup routine, many are still hesitant to swap in their regular old foundation for a mineral one. Most mineral makeups are all natural, provide great coverage as well as amazing skin benefits, and feel as though you are wearing a second skin as opposed to a mask of heavy makeup. Let’s face it, the frigid, dry winter is not the kindest of seasons to our skin, hair, and lips. If you have 15-20 minutes to devote to yourself, then you can re-create a salon manicure by using the correct products for a DIY manicure.
People with oily skin have a hard time finding a face wash that will clean but won’t strip their skin of essential oils.

Oily skin is actually a natural anti-aging gift but people who have it say oily skin is anything BUT a gift! Getting the right level of vitamins each day is critical to maintaining good health and having great skin. Winter cold and dry heat bring on dry chapped skin for babies, especially those with sensitive skin. Mineral makeup also has natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In particular, two vitamins, applied topically, are crucial for healthy skin—Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

We’ve found 3 of the best shampoos on Viewpoints that our reviewers say are perfect for oily hair.

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